About SmartOffice365

Smart office 365 is a SaaS ( software as a service) based Time & Attendance software delivered through web browsers or mobile applications. It is hosted in a world class data centre managed by experts. It comes with lots of advantages such as:

S    Simple :

It is very easy to implement and simple to use. You don’t need very high qualified technical people to configure or use it. Our trained team and widespread channel network will help you go live in a matter of few minutes.

M    Manage:

You don’t need to buy expensive software licenses, servers, operating system, antivirus, static IP etc. and recruit expert manpower to manage it. Instead, we host it in cloud data centre and manage it.

A     Affordable:

It is very easy on your pockets. You need to pay as per your employee headcount on monthly basis. You can scale it up or scale down anytime. You don’t need to incur heavy capital expenses on servers and software licenses.

R    Reliable:

The software is hosted in a world class data centre with high speed internet, power and data back up and managed by highly skilled dedicated team.

T    Trusted :

Smart office is a well trusted time & attendance software used by thousands of clients worldwide over many years.