Desktop solutions are majorly meant for companies with single location or companies whose offices are connected in the same network and here the usage is also restricted within the premise. Specially works for customers with limited requirements and limited Budget

Benefit - Lower cost (normally one time), Can be used without internet also, suitable for small organisations.

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Web (on Premise)

Meant for companies with presence in multiple locations and usage is required at multiple places. Also suitable for those companies who would like to maintain their data at a centralized location and in their own premises.

Features like Employee Self Service and Mobile, are more benefitial in this setup since these can be accessed from any where and anytime, enabling efficieny and realtime solution.

Benefit - Data can be centralized, management becomes easier, better control over permission and data, Can be accessed from anytime and anywhere.

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Meant for small and big companies who would like to have data centralized and at the same time would like the server management to be done by the vendor.

Benefit - Data Safety, Centralization of Data, Zero Server Maintenance, better control over permission and data, Can be accessed from anytime and anywhere, Easiest to setup, Integrated with Device ESS & Mobile App.

Save cost in terms of Space & Hardware Investment, No IT Person required, No Data loss issues or concerns (we take backup every week), No need of Static IP, No need to provide system access and stop your work.

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