(NEW) Employee Monitoring

We know what it means to manage Work From Home employees. There are lot of Advantages and also challenges associated with it. Our solution will surely help you in overcoming the challenges like Monitoring the employees or tracking the effeciency of your team.

Features like Screen shots at regular intervals will help you in digital supervision and the reports will tell you the actual productive and non -productive hours of your team.

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(NEW) Feild Force Management

There are very few businesses where field staff is not a necessity. With higher field staff, higher is the difficulty in tracking the team members, their activity & managing their time/effeciency.

Features like Scheduling visits, Tracking of distance, Live location at any specific time, last sync location or battery status; we are working on making this whole task digital, Automatic, easy and at the end making employees accountable & effecient.

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With a Vision of providing One complete Solution and based on feedback from our clients we have a introduced HRMS features like Performance, Onboarding, HR Letters, Notifications, Exit Management, Training, Help-Desk etc

Single Solution on a Single Platform enables seamless flow of data, without hassless of managing multiple vendors & data generating from Multiple softwares. Individual features details available below

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Attendance Management

We have seamlessly integrated our software with some of the very wellknown brands and our push technology enables effortless flow of data on a real time basis. We provide flexibility in capturing attendance in all possible ways. We also provide huge list of options to automate your HR Rules. All this combined with SMS and email based attendance reporting to employees/managers. You can also integrate the attendance with any third party software.

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Leave and Shift Management

Manage and automate your employee Attendance with options like Multi, Auto Shift, Shift Roasters and many such useful features. All of this with huge number of MIS reports to manage any number of employees. Flexibility to have User defined leave types, with various auto allotment & availing options and restrictions like - Clubbing rules, Min & Max per instance rules and Gap between two instances. Easy and Automated Year End carry forward options also available.

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Device & Canteen Management

With these features a lot of things can be managed from the head office easily. Like

Centralized Fingerprint registration.

Centralized device management with commands.

Online user registration from Software

Auto expiry or removal of FP/Face Template

Integrate canteen devices directly with software

Create canteen menus or work code for selection.

Employer and employee contribution can be managed

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ESS & Mobile App

A complete Self service Module for your employees and managers to check their details on a realtime basis and update all requests on the Go, resulting in near zero escalation of Attendance and Payroll issues. Manager panel not only helps to view device/mobile logs of Team Members but also approve all the requests like OD, Leave, Regularizaiton and many others.

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GPS based clock In/Out

Manage your field/Marketing employees with GPS based tracking, where the employee can do a clock In/Out and the same details will be visible to his manager and the Admin. This can be both Approval based or automatic.

This is clubbed with certain business logics to avoid misuse of the features resulting in fake and proxy punches.

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Geo Fencing

With Geo Fencing you can control or restrict the Mobile clock in/out only from defined locations/branches. This is useful where

Biometric connectivity is a challenge.

Results in assurance of Genuine punches & so no need of approvals

And it can be defined for any number of branches. As a result it is very cost effective solution

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Payroll Management

(Desktop, web & cloud) - Advanced Payroll Software to take care of your complex salary calculations, automate statutory calculations (like PF, ESI, PT, LWF etc), end to end TDS Management, and MIS reports for ease of statutory filings & various activities like payslip & F-16 generation. You can also automate tasks like - Overtime, Advance, Arrears, Increment, Additional Earnings, Expense Claim, IT Declarations etc.

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Expense Claim

Travel request submission and approval possible.

Claims can be linked to travel request.

Multiple proofs can be attached and viewed

Admin panel to see Submission, approval & paid details

Business logics to avoid duplicacy and misuse

Employee and Category wise limits feasible

Preloaded mandatory fields for certain expense

Manager panel to view & approve all this

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Multi-Company Setup and others

Create Single set up for all the companies

Seperate Payslip & F16 for each company

Check List - Define your own reminders for one time or every month

Notifications - View Important notifications in Admin Panel and send mass mailers or wishes with attachment

Asset Tracker - View Stock register with important details, Employee wise list of Assets can be viewed

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Digitized Onboarding

A Complete digitized Onboarding facility using Mobile App without giving any credentials. All the employee life cycle data - Education, Employment & Compensation history, personal & family details etc will be captured and documents can be collected.

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Performance & OKR

User defined weightage, attributes, scales & levels

Set objectives and Key responsibility Areas

Add upto 20 questions for each review

Review on Monthly/Quarterly/Bi-Annually/Annually

Complete process feasible on ESS

Approriate report also available

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HR Letters & Documents Management

Define your own templates

Generate or generate employee wise

Company Policeis or Forms can also be included

Can be added to the list of doc to be read or accepted

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Exit Management

Define Exit questions and notice period

Define NOC departments and levels of Approval

Track the approval details

Auto stoppage of salary once resignation accepted, with a link to F&F for easy processing

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Checklist (Virtual Guide)

Option to define workflow as a virtul guide, for process to be followed at various junctures during his journey with the company. Ths gives control to employees, saves time and ulitmately results in satisfactory and hassle free completion of tasks.

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Birthday, Anniversary, Confirmation etc

Automatic email to employee and related group

Month wise list of employees for planning of activities in advance, to keep employees motivated and involved

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Help Desk

Define categories & person responsible

ESS/Mobile App based facility

Define Escalation Matrix

MIS Report on Tickets raised<

Helps in reduction of Attrition

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Facilitate both online & classroom training

Employees can submit training requests

Manager can also assign on need basis

Conduct reviews of training & trainers

Track training allotted, attended & Pending

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Survey or Feedback

Huge flexibility in defining Form

Rating, text or choice based questions

Options to define visibility

Huge flexibility in defining Audience

Best suited for confirmation process

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Recruitment (upcoming)

A module to manage your recruitment process online. Short listed candidates database can be tracked separately. Feasibility will be provided to enable the pre and post interview process through the system for better transparency and analysis of complete data.

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Rewards & Recognition (Upcoming)

A satisfied and a motivated employee can bring you unexpected results, so Now reward your employee and make it public for recognition

Manager can recognize employee

Rewards can be linked with payroll

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Task Management (Upcoming)

Since a manager is as good as his team, so it becomes added responsibility for the manager to also track the tasks or work assigned to his team members, to make sure the same is completed on time. If not the opportunities might become a lost opportunity or result in other challenges.

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Know About

How We Do This


Understand the current process and the challenges of the client, because that is the most important. As there is a great saying “Problem well understood is half solved”. So we ask all the relevant questions to understand the client requirements and the challenges faced by him.


We offer various solutions using the existing software and offer customized services as and when applicable. And if existing, we even show a demo of the feasiblity using real data of the customer, thereby reducing the gap between promise and actual delivery, making the decision making process that much easier for the client.


Since the Challenges are majorly understood upfront and solutions also discussed, implementation process is normally smooth and easy. It is combined by sufficient training to the customer to make the use of software comfortable and easy.

Smartoffice payroll how we do process Smartoffice payroll how we do process