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We as a company aim to build solutions that helps our customer achieve Effeciency, automation, value addition and satisfaction. And with solutions like Seamless Integration with Biometric devices and solutions on a single platform, we believe ourselves to be on a right track.

So far we have been able to provide attendance solutions to countries all over the world like UAE, Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, US etc. With 8 years of experience and channel partners spread in great numbers, the network has been able to cater solutions to all kinds of industries like Manufacturing, IT, Retail, Infrastructure, Banking, Education, Hospital & many others

Continuing with our mission we developed Payroll in 2016 and so far have been successfully catering to 400+ clients all over India. We also look to provide payroll solutions to countries like UAE, Malaysia, Srilanka in the near future.

We have developed value adding HRM solutions like Onboarding, Event Notifications, HR Letters, Perfomance Appraisal and Exit Management. Our team is also working on other Recruitment, Training and other related HR modules.

Effeciency leads to Growth

A Satisfied employee always delivers great results, and that is why satisfaction, transparency, motivation of employees has gained so much importance in today’s world. All companies today invest resources on Employee Engagement Activities and IT infrastrucutre that enables the same.

SmartOffice helps in bringing transparency in all the stages of employee life cycle, using the Employee Self Service module that can be accessed on a PC or a Mobile. This helps in cutting down all the unwanted and unnecessary activities resulting in efficiency. It also improves employee satisfaction as all the data is made available on their finger-tips there by reducing communication layers.

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Started in the year 2012, we embarked on a mission to create a comprehensive HRMS solution offering an end-to-end solution for HR and Payroll Software in Delhi, as well as HR and Payroll Software in Mumbai. After making considerable strides in HR and Payroll software, specializing in Attendance & Payroll solutions, we are proud to be seamlessly integrated with some prominent Biometric brands.

Operating in the Attendance domain for more than 12 years, we have an extensive clientele reaching over 100,000+ who generate attendance for millions of employees monthly. Simultaneously, we have a satisfied customer base all over India who have effectively automated their calculations and processes through our unified platform, experiencing the effectiveness of our HR and Payroll Software.

Understanding that every customer has unique requirements, employee count, and budget, we developed our solutions which is available on all major platforms - Desktop, Web, and Cloud. This versatility allows us to cater to requirements of HR and Payroll Software in Delhi, HR and Payroll Software in Bangalore as well as HR and Payroll Software in Mumbai

We also have a solution, Smart office 365, which is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based Time & Attendance software that can be accessed through web browsers or mobile applications. It is hosted in a premier data centre, overseen by proficient experts. This is why it is trusted by companies of all sizes.

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